Welcome to Weak 2 Stronger

Why Weak2Stronger?!?! Because as humans we kill ourselves in two ways 1. Being fed up and want our whole life completely different in one day. Or 2. Compare ourselves to others instead of comparing who we are today to who we were yesterday. (Which is the appropriate way since each human is completely different from one another.)

What areas can we move Weak2Stronger? Mind, thoughts, emotions, predictability, brain, focus, words, listening ability, spirit, faith, hope, love, body, muscles, flexibility, joints, patience, tolerance, gumption, rigor, dependability, grit, healing ability, endurance, strength, open mindedness, mind expanding, risk.

When I was in my 20’s my world fell apart, I lost both parents, my marriage became verbally abusive and I lost all confidence in myself. My three children were left with a mom who didn’t have an ounce of confidence and took any job she could attempt to do. I joke that my mom passed away, went to heave and kicked me out the door of my pathetic life. I walked out of the door leaving my marriage, the old me when my children  were newborn, 6 and 7 and I never looked back. I knew the only one I could depend on was myself and that is just how it would be. My children were my greatest gifts of thislifetime and I would soon find out that leaving a horrible life is a blessing, a change to start over, a chance to find who I was really supposed to be on earth.

I started the 2000’s a single mom working two jobs, two direct sale companies and going to school full time for my bachelors’ degree in business administration. I worked at the college so my tuition was waved 100%. Little sleep but a drive and passion to feed my children and not to have to work so hard in the future. As you see in my ‘about me’ section I’ve had MANY Weak2Stronger moments, in all areas of my life. Whether mental, physical, spiritual, personal or professional I stepped up on yesterday one tiny step at a time. You can have the life you always dreamed, one day at a time.

This website will give you mental, physical and spiritual guidance and challenges to go Weak2Stronger in every area in your life. Fill out the contact form or fill out the pop up form if you would like help or more information.