What is accountability? 

Accountability: If you take responsibility for your own actions, you show accountability.

I don’t just arrange for you to buy a workout and get a book with an eating plan, I sell a service, an incredible one! We are in this together me accountable to you, you accountable to me.

~I educate

~I’m real

~I support

~I inspire

~I fall down too

~I rise up

~I do it right along WITH you

~I share tips in my expertise

~I give tough love to push you

~I treat you like family

~I help you motivate yourself

~I help break habits, I help create new fun habits

~I help you figure out what works for your body

~I believe in people until they believe in themselves

~I love people until they love themselves I don’t assign you a program, nutrition plan…I COACH YOU!