On Leadership:

“I have known Dawn Roller in numerous capacities, as a Graduate student, as a co-worker, as an associate, and as a friend. I can speak to and verify that she is a woman of integrity, one of the hardest working individuals I know, she demonstrates a high energy level, she can multi-task like no other person on the face of this earth.” Dr. Patty Duncan, Faculty, University of Phoenix

“Dawn is living, breathing inspiration of what it means to lead by example. Her work ethic is literally second to none, no exaggeration. Dawn has the ability to think on her feet better than numerous executives I’ve worked with in my 9 years at OutSell Consulting.” Dennis Klemp, Vice President, Outsell Consulting “

Dawn Roller is the epitome of what a business professional should display and exudes excellence. Words cannot express the tenacity of Dawn’s work. I have seen her manage multiple projects in the field, manage up to her superiors in vital situations and at the same time, be a good steward to her community in times of crisis. I do not believe that the words, “quit or can’t” are in her vocabulary because I have seen her find the will and the way.” Lisa Fortunato, Apollo Group Chief Business Operations Officer Office

“You cannot out work Dawn. Her ability to network and influence people outside of her authority gives her unlimited reach. Knowing Dawn is an opportunity for an introduction to nearly anyone. With enthusiasm to spare, Dawn brings energy to groups and settings that would otherwise be mundane.” PJ McClure, Author & Founder/CEO of the Mindset Maven

“Dawn is a very professional, well rounded individual that puts her heart, sweat, and tears into making dreams for people. I’ve seen her walk into a company and change the morale in just a short amount of time. She’s created succession plans and increased production for many companies in the area. Anyone should feel comfortable letting Dawn in their company to help the employees get on the right track to success.” Stephanie Murphy, Corporate Banking Division, Commerce Bank

“Dawn is an amazing people-person and has a heart for helping others. I have always known her to conduct business ethically and honestly and with great passion.” Rebecca Austin, Certified Kolbe Consultant, Business Owner & Owner of Homestead Healthy Living

“I began working with Dawn 3 years ago and I am truly blessed to have her as a friend and colleague. Dawn is one of those leaders that we come across only a few times in our life. Dawn has many strong leadership attributes, including work ethic, willingness to help others, vision, problem solving, and the ability to build long-term relationships with internal as well as external customers. Although these are great attributes of a leader, I believe Dawn’s mission in life as a leader is to help everyone reach their full potential by challenging us to become the best individuals, coworkers, representatives and leaders in our industry. Dawn makes everyone around her better and that is a sign of a true leader.” Tim Babb, Excelsior College, State of Michigan


This is me after Hammer and Chisel 90 days with clean eating, stronger and able to keep up with my 9 grandchildren. Dawn Roller
This is my brother in law Jim after daily strawberry whey shakeology and working daily at Harley Davidson. Jim’s diabetes had immediate help from the shakeology in his energy, he recently switched to chocolate whey and swears he is better daily with Shakeology for breakfast.